Amazing Sanitary Napkin could solve female problems of skin irritation, tiredness, itching and swollen vulva, cervicitis or vaginitis, distending pain in lower abdomen, headache, abdominal pain or edema during periods.

LONGRICH Magnetic, Anion & Far Infrared Superbklean Sanitary Napkin contains 8 layers of CARE.

1st Layer:     Premium Soft Surface - Giving you ultra comfort and stay fresh
2nd Layer:     Unique Three - Dimensional Flaps prevents side leakage.
3rd Layer:     Magnetic, Anion and Far Infrared Strip - Eliminate odor and relieve menstrual discomforts.
4th Layer:     Soft Air-Laid Paper - Enhance softness and freshness.
5th Layer:     Absorbing Paper - Super absorbent and keeping the surface dry.
6th Layer:     Soft Air-Laid Paper - Enhance softness and freshness.
7th Layer:      Breathable Bottom Layer - Eliminate moisture and heat, keeping you fresh.
8th Layer:      Innovative Release Film.

5 Key Features : 
Safe, Comfortable, Super Effective Absorption For Permanent Dryness, Air Permeable and Healthy.